Community Service Statement

Phoenix ASG Chapter Community Service Statement

The National ASG website very appropriately states the following about Community Service:

   “Giving back is a vital part of a full and rewarding life.  What could be more fulfilling than doing what you love to do (sewing) while contributing to the quality of life of others in need within your own community?  Throughout the country, ASG has become synonymous with charitable acts of sewing.” 

The members of the Phoenix Chapter have always been very generous with their talents.  In Phoenix we have participated in many local charitable projects (eg: pillowcases for Ronald McDonald House, preemie gowns, quilts for Head Start, dresses for One Dress at a Time, etc.), National ASG selected projects (eg: anti-ouch pouch for cancer, military bags, turtle pillows, etc.), and international projects (eg: pillowcase dresses for Haiti & Africa).  New needs present themselves all the time via request to the chapter or from needs brought to the chapter through members.  Where appropriate you are asked to sew a Phoenix ASG label into your item to leave a lasting impression of your generosity.

As a way to recognize the contributions of members to charitable needs in our community, tickets are awarded for making and donating items.  Items earn a determined amount of tickets.  The Community Service chair has a list and publishes it periodically in the newsletter.  The Community Service chair also keeps a record of the tickets for the purpose of the drawing.  The tickets are earned from January 1st through December 31st.  Members can choose not to receive tickets for contributions.

The drawing for the Community Service Tickets winner(s) is held at the first Chapter Advisory Board meeting in January and the prize(s) awarded are determined at that time.  Prizes are not transferable to another person; if the winner is unable to accept a prize, it reverts back to the Guild.  The Secretary will send a notification letter to the winner(s) with a copy to the President and Community Service Leader.

List updated March 11th, 2014.

2 Preemie Gowns or Caps             1 ticket   2 Small Xmas Stockings                   1 ticket
Receiving Blanket                         1 ticket   Lap Blanket / Quilt                            4 tickets
1 yd Soft Fabric                            1 ticket   Fidget Quilt                                      1 ticket
Pillowcase                                    1 ticket   Walker Bag                                      1 ticket
Anti-ouch Pouch                           1 ticket   Quilt                                                 4 tickets
Bereavement Outfit                        2 tickets   Cancer Cap/Hat                                1 ticket
2 Doll Clothes Items                      1 ticket   CPS Domestic Violence Bag             1 ticket
Military Bag                                  1 tickets   Turtle Pillow                                      2 tickets
Back to School Clothes /                                    1 Dress at a Time                          3 tickets   Dress Up Clothes                              2 tickets

News about Community Service projects will be publicized in the local newsletter, on the local web site, and in communications with Neighborhood Groups.  Our ASG National Organization annually selects one charity to spotlight.  Information and patterns are available on in the Community Service section.  In that section is a list of service projects with web links to patterns.  Also, some of the same patterns and many additional can be found in our own Phoenix ASG Community Service "Project Patterns".

Submit a Community Service Report Form and you will be entered in our annual drawing for a prize!  Instructions are on the form and you can download it in doc or pdf format.