History of ASG

An idea that dates back to the Middle Ages yet is as new as tomorrow - the sewing guild. Sewing is just as much in tune with today’s idea of expanding your potential as gourmet cooking, organic gardening, recycling, or taking up tennis and jogging.

 Our particular sewing revolution begins here…..

 By the mid 1970s sewing education had already been dropped from many school curriculum's.

American woman were entering the workforce in large numbers, no longer having the time to sew or to teach their daughters the sewing arts. The American Home Sewing Association wanted to come up with a way to keep the interest, and tradition of home sewing alive and well as a valued part of American culture. The idea of the American Sewing Guild was born.

Times have changed!

 The guild incorporated in March of 1993 as a nonprofit 501 (C)(3), and now has over 20,000 members with 135 chapters across the nation. It is governed by an elected national Board of Directors with an Executive Director to run the day to day business of the organization. It is driven by the volunteer power of its membership who sponsor local special events, community service projects, membership drives, fashion shows, produce local newsletters, and establish educational programs, run Neighborhood Groups and much more.

ASG benchmarks

 1978 - The first two ASG chapters (Denver and Indianapolis) were established.

1985 - ASG became an independent, not-for-profit educational organization.

1992 - The first ASG national Board of Directors is appointed.

1994 - Notions, ASG's quarterly publication debuts.

1996 - ASG celebrates its 100th chapter.

1997 - ASG websites debuts

2001 - National Headquarters in Houston is opened.

2003 - ASG celebrates 25 years with 129 chapters and nearly 20,000 members in 39 states.

2007 - ASG breaks the 20,000 member ceiling



Advancing Sewing As An Art and Life Skill
 ASG is committed to:
 Promoting and supporting strong chapter and membership vitality within the organization.
 Publicizing, promoting, and stimulating interest in sewing activities in and the ASG.
 Collaborating and/or forming partnerships with other organizations for programs that are
  mutually beneficial.
 Expanding ASG Community Service effort.
 Maintaining ASG as a financially viable organization.