Chandler Group

Meeting location:
35th Ave. Sew & Vac
4339 W. Ray Rd, #27
Chandler, AZ  85226
2nd Tuesday of each month at 1:30 PM
Group Leader:
Lise Moskop:



 2018 Calendar

Jan 9  Planning meeting for 2018


Feb 13  Chicken Pin Cushion led by Phyllis

Supplies needed:
(2)  6 to 8-inch squares of fabric or orphan quilt blocks
Sewing machine and sewing kit
Stuffing, Phyllis has a small bag of the filling of crushed walnut
shells, but not enough for everybody...  You can get them
at pet supply places as reptile bedding.  Some quilt shops
and craft places also sell them, but the cost is higher.
You can also stuff them with rice or small beans.

Phyllis will bring the ultra-suede scraps for the beaks, combs and
tails for the chickens.


Link to Pattern/Instructions:  Chicken pin cushion doc


March 13  Demo: bathing suit led by Phyllis


April 10  Mini Bags led by Lise


May 8  Field Trip & lunch to SAS; meet at 35th Ave. to carpool.

SAS Fabrics
1111 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Meet at 35th Ave. at 9:30 am. to carpool.  Lise & Barb can drive.June 12  Santa Block led by Barb


July 10  Charity Pillow Cases; group event


Aug 14  TBD; Manager at 35th Ave to givean update on events/sales


Sept 11  Iron Pad led by Lise


Oct 9  Heart Pot Holder led by Phyllis


Nov 13  UFO Project Catch Up for all


Dec 11  Lunch & Party at a restaurant TBD


2019 Calendar