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Rose design Edging Lace that is 7 inches wide.

I have a large spool of this white lace. The spool is  23 1/2 in circumference and it is marked at .49 cents a yard. I prefer to sell the total spool , so I am marking the spool at $20.

  Shipping cost of $4 is calculated per order, not per item purchased. 

No refunds.


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Member: Donna Riley, Member ID: 63780. 100% of the proceeds will be deposited to the American Sewing Guild-

Phoenix Chapter General Checking Account for Events and training of its members!



Large spool of white lace. The spool is 23 1/2 in circumference


  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 3-5 days

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These sales are processed through the Phoenix Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. 100% of funds will be forwarded to the member selling the item, unless  the money is donated to ASG-Phoenix Chapter.