4/7 Updated website: deleted Taste of ASG and leadership positions included Ramona Baird for Membership management. Added approved P&Ps

4/8 Added NG Projects under Neighborhood Groups for each to add projects and photos

4/9 Added forwarding email for Ramona Baird who was recently added to manage membership.

membership@phoenixasg.org is now forwarded to asgramona@gmail.com

Added 3 items for sale by members for Jeanne MacKenzie.

Ran report for website activity for next CAB meeting includes details from NG groups

 5/10 Removed Joann Faabrics from retailers offering discounts.

Updated ASG membership Form instructions, removed $10 option

updated Leadership directory emails as per current-listed was obsolete

removed membership list as per Jim Culley request

8/6/2019- Added 2 links for Sonya: appletotes free patterns for 18" dolls and boots.

8/10/2019- uploaded Ramona's workshop for Sept 7,2019