Community Service


Here is a link to the national ASG website with a list of current Community Service Projects:



Here are a list of projects that have been used for Community Service in the past.

If you plan on making them now, please check and make sure that the recipients still need and want your items.

Click on the green colored words to go to that pattern or website.


Baby Patterns for those who knit, crochet, and sew on the Care Wear Site.


Blankets - 2012 Community Service (from ASG National); for Hospice, Veterans, and Babies.


Blanket (Fleece - Warm Fuzzies) from U of Michigan Hospital


Blanket Patterns (Baby) for several makes and styles on the Sewing Support Site. 


Blanket Ideas on Pinterest for several No-Sew Fleece Patterns (click links below pictures to find the ones with patterns and/or instructions).  Includes some good examples of the Crochet and Woven Edge Fleece Blankets. (These take a little extra effort than the popular Knotted Edge, but can be well appreciated by Cancer Patients that have very sensitive skin. 


Blanket (Simple Fleece) (Adult) - Instructions from Covers of Comfort.


Diaper Shirt Pattern (from National ASG)


Duffle Bag Pattern (for CPS)


Hat - CK Beret Pattern (Chemo)


Hat - Creative Kindness Easy Hat Pattern (Basic Cuffed) (Chemo)


Hat - Milly Tie Pattern (BWL – Revised)


Hat Patterns for several very popular styles on the Brimming with Love Site


Hat Pattern (Adult) (Chemo)


Hat Patterns (Chemo) for several on The Sewing Journal Site.


Hat – Reversible (Child and Adult) (by Martha Stewart) 


Hat - Turban Patterns (Chemo)


Kimono Pattern for preemies (from National ASG)


Pillowcase Patterns (Serge & Sew Techniques)


Pillowcase Pattern (Roll Style)


Preemie Burial Gown Pattern (by Bonnie Hagerman, from National ASG)


Preemie Gown or Burial Gown Pattern (Simple)


Sassy Scarves Pattern (Cancer Patients)




Turtle Pillow Pattern

Turtle Pillow Pattern (Simple)


US Troops Drawstring Bag Pattern


Walker Bag-1 Pattern

Walker Bag-2 Pattern


Several patterns from quilts to scarves are available on the Sewing Freebies Site.