Welcome to our new CAB members
Linda Freeman is the Secretary and Donna Riley is the Treasurer.
Thank you to Lyn Verdery, outgoing Secretary, and Debbie Starkebaum, outgoing Treasurer for your dedicated service to the Phoenix Chapter of the ASG.  It is only through dedicated volunteers that the Phoenix Chapter of the ASG continues to thrive.

Check Out What’s Coming Up! 

Click on our Events page for details:

Jan 25-27;  Phoenix Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival
Feb 6;  Tour of F.A.B.R.I.C. workshop in Tempe
March 6;  Trip to IRCA Upholstery Shop
April 21;  Fascinator Hat Class
July 12-15;  ASG Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV


If you like to sew, ASG is the place to go.                                           

Our Neighborhood Groups are our Heart and Soul.

Visit any of our neighborhood groups, and pick one.

We are having Sew much fun!  


ASG has started using an app called MyGrove to share about ASG events and activities.  Phoenix is the first Chapter added!

MyGrove provides a way for online sharing, to keep everyone informed and up to date, as well as share photos, videos, ideas, and information. The site is very cell phone friendly.

Since MyGrove is by INVITATION ONLY, you need to receive the email with a link to Sign-In. Click on the blue letters in the email (that’s the computer link).  This will take you to the Sign-In page where you will change the temporary password (in the email) for one of your choosing. 

If you are an ASG Phoenix member and you did not get this email, please check your spam or junk folder. 

If you still did not get it, please contact us to re-send it at webmaster@phoenixasg.org.


We are the Phoenix Chapter of the American Sewing Guild (ASG).

The American Sewing Guild is a national non-profit organization dedicated to people who believe sewing is a rewarding and creative experience. 
Their motto is Advancing Sewing as an Art and Life Skill.
The link to the ASG national website is:  www.asg.org
Membership to the Guild is open to the public.  ASG members enjoy many benefits and discounts.

Neighborhood Groups
Members meet monthly in small groups to share ideas and new techniques.  Members “drag and brag” their latest creations to the meetings to share them with the group.

Membership Benefits
ASG members enjoy discounts at many local and national retailers, the Selvedge Newsletter, and Notions Magazine.  Check out all the benefits on our Membership Benefits Page.

Community Service
ASG members contribute to their communities by sewing a variety of garments, bags, and items for the military, children, and others in need.  These items are sewn by individuals and Neighborhood Groups.





















Here is the link to the ASG national website:  www.asg.org