chapter advisory board (CAB)

Chapter Advisory Board (CAB)

With the guidance of the National ASG Policy and Procedure manual, and the Chapter Standing Rules, the local chapter has incredible volunteers who keep our chapter running. There are elected positions by the membership at the annual meeting, and positions appointed by the CAB. All positions are done by giving volunteers to further the mission of the American Sewing Guild. Without our CAB, our chapter would not exist. Please thank your CAB members when you see them!         


Neighborhood Groups

Our Neighborhood Groups are our Heart and Soul of the Phoenix Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. Visit any of our Neighborhood Groups (NG). Have a home at one but visit any of them when their program is of interest to you--it's all a part of membership!


Members meet monthly in small groups to share ideas and new techniques.  Members "drag and brag" their latest creations to the meetings to share them with the group. All neighborhood groups are open to any member and guests. Members are encouraged to attend any or all neighborhood group meetings.


If a Neighborhood Group isn't in your area, we can assist you in forming one. Please contact:

Lise, the Neighborhood Group (NG) Coordinator for information


Membership Benefits

ASG members enjoy discounts at many local and national retailers, the Phoenix Newsletter, and Notions Magazine.  Check out all the benefits on our Membership Benefits Page.


Community Service

ASG members contribute to their communities by sewing a variety of garments, bags, and items for the military, children, and others in need.  These items are sewn by individuals and Neighborhood Groups. 



Did you know that the ASG discounts you get from these Local Retailers can help pay for your membership? 



Important--Please Note: due to Insurance Liability Coverage for ASG, guests may only attend two (2) consecutive meetings before they must join the Guild. This is so they are covered by our ASG liability insurance. If a non-member continues to attend group meetings and does not join ASG, the ASG liability insurance coverage may be withdrawn for the whole chapter.