14. September 2023
Please be patient with us as we update our website. We are looking for some sewing enthusiasts to help us with Neighborhood Groups. Not a lot is required; just some enthusiasm, a little bit of sewing knowledge, a friendly smile, and welcoming personality! Don't worry, we're here to help you get started and keep you going. Keep checking back--we'll have new information to share.
15. February 2022
After the holidays there is sometimes the "let-down" of inspiration in our sewing mojo. I don't know about you, but my inspiration seems to come from the holidays--I'm always stitching for the holidays. However, there are a lot more everyday times to stitch, too! Why not take a trip to your closet or the thrift store for some still-serviceable, but no longer worn jeans and turn them into some bags. The denim is sturdy, washable, and comes in different colors (especially when faded), and is...

Coloring Time!
08. February 2022
Get some inspiration and information about coloring fabric with crayons.

05. October 2021
We often ask people, "What's under your needle?" With our ASG Neighborhood Groups (NGs) the answers vary because all of our groups and their members have different interests. Some like garment sewing the best, some like to finish things started years ago, and others--which is probably most members--like a combination of all types of sewing. The best thing about our chapter is the diversity of member interests. The really great thing about them? They LOVE sharing their love of sewing. This is...

29. September 2021
It's time for members to together for stitching and fall eating.

Sewing with Vinyl
Education · 23. September 2021
With a few tricks, sewing on vinyl is easy!