CAB MINUTES; JANUARY 4, 2021; 1 :30 PM



  • Rita Erickson, Jim Culley, Donna Riley, Lisa Moskop, Sandy Langs, Linda Freeman, Judy Sharp, and Mary Erickson.


The meeting started at 1:35 PM.


PRESIDENT - Rita Erickson

  • Welcome
    • Rita welcomed everyone as the new President.
    • She wants to keep the Chapter fun and connected and the administrative work to a minimum.
  • Appointment of Jim Culley as Technology Committee lead
    • Jim Culley will become the Technology Committee Chairperson.
  • Open Vice President selection
    • Jim Cully is currently Vice President but is looking for someone else to fill the chair.
    • Anyone interested, please contact Rita or Jim, and let Donna know because she must file bank reports for National.
  • Workshops
    • Since COVID is here, the Chapter is looking into more virtual workshops and would like members’ feedback on what workshops they would be interested in.
    • East Mesa Neighborhood Group Meeting via Zoom are sent to all Chapter members as are many of the demonstrations. This is to try to stay connected to all members.  
    • Rita has been in contact with Kandi Christian of Sew Timeless who is offering her virtual workshops.  
    • Members are encouraged to send feedback on what they would like to have the Chapter present.
  • ASG National Conference in Newport Beach, CA
    • This year’s National Conference will be held in Newport Beach, CA if it is deemed safe to do so.
    • The Conference will run from July 8-11, 2021.  More information will be coming soon on the ASG Website. Reservations for rooms are currently available, and also something about signing up to model your home sewn outfits.



  • Jim Culley will be a place holder for Vice President until a replacement is found.
  • Anyone interested in the position should contact Rita or Jim.


TREASURER - Donna Riley

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Checking: $2,113.79
    • Savings: $5,630.35 - $2,798.00
    • new yearly operating expenses = $2,832.35   
    • Total Available Funds: $4,946.14.
  • 2021 Budget
    • Donna will send a corrected 2021 Budget later in the month and Rita will call another CAB Meeting to approve the budget.  
    • We need to estimate budgets for the three workshops if supplies or payment for demos are needed. 


SECRETARY - Linda Freeman

  • December CAB Minutes
    • Rita made a motion and Lise seconded it to approve the December CAB minutes. The motion was approved.
  • February CAB Meeting set for February 1, 2021, at 1:30 PM via Zoom.
  • The CAB will start publishing the CAB Minutes on the Website in February.
    • The Minutes will be published after they have been approved by the CAB.


MEMBERSHIP - Lise Moskop

  • Review 2020 membership numbers
    • Chapter membership has decreased this year.
  • Chapter Membership: 
    • Total Membership 140
    • 0 new members
    • 6 renewals
    • 1 transfer
    • 4 expired (4 expired notices sent out). 
    • December Chapter Rebate = $75.00.
  • Rusty Barn is still canceled for now. However, sewing projects are still wanted. 
  • Lise, Jim, and Mary will reach out to members to encourage them to use Zoom for meetings and workshops and to find out what workshops they would be interested in.



  • Some Neighborhood Groups are meeting via Zoom and some are not meeting at all.
    • Some members are not familiar with or comfortable with using Zoom. Thus Jim, Lise, and Mary will be contacting members to encourage them to use Zoom.
  • The Chapter is still interested in American Girl Doll clothing being made and donated to sell to help raise funds for the Chapter. There are a few on the website from last year for sale. The website is limited to 10 items that can be posted in our store.



  • Jim Culley has been appointed Technology Committee Lead.
  • Jim will look into how to set up group email lists for recurring Zoom meetings.


NEWSLETTER - Mary Erickson

  • Jan.-Feb.-Mar. 2021 Newsletter has been published.
    • Thank you to all who contributed their time and talent!
  • Consider contributing to the next quarter’s newsletter by submitting:
    • Pictures of Zoom activities from around the valley.
    • Reports on your favorite sewing website(s), blog(s), or online classes.
    • Sewing related articles, poems, and book reviews. 


The Meeting adjourned at 2:35 PM.